Who are Rent Notice Servers?

Professional, courteous and reliable Rent Notice Servers will serve legal 3 day pay or quit notices within Palm Beach County, Florida. The process will be fully documented and available for legal proceedings. Remotely serve eviction notices in South Florida.


What does Rent Notice Servers do?

We give you the peace of mind of knowing your tenant will receive the notice in 24 business hours, as well as by mail for proper legal service. Eliminate the stress, hassle, and inconvenience of serving the 3 day pay or quit notice as quickly as possible.

Experience has proven that tenants who are formally notified are more likely to remain current. Don’t wait until you’re forced to evict, keep your tenants up to date, and stay out of rent court!

Why use Rent Notice Servers?

Convenience – When it’s necessary to serve a 3-day notice, don’t wait! Don’t have time? Don’t worry. Rent Notice Servers will deliver your notices correctly! Did you know if you don’t serve notice properly, you have to start the process over?

Anonymity – A formal Rent Notice Server lets you deliver the hard truth. As a landlord or property manager, you care about your tenants and want to work with them. Let us work for you!

Fill out our error-proof Palm Beach County 3 Day Pay or Quit notice form and rest easy knowing your notice will be served quickly, correctly, and painlessly! We will retain photo and video documentation of the serving process for 365 days.