Purchase a 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice Service and get peace of mind in Broward County.

How it works

1. Purchase our 3 Day Pay or Quite Notice Service by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. You will be directed to a secure shopping cart on PayPal.

2. Once your transaction is complete you will be redirected to our 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice form.

3. Fill out the form with the appropriate information, digitally sign, and submit! You will receive an official LEGAL copy of the form that is signed by you and is CERTIFIED as an official legal document that can be used in cases of litigation or further legal action.

4. Rent Notice Servers will then arrange for your 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice to be served by one of our couriers at no extra cost.

5. The serving of your 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice will be visually documented and saved with your purchase.

* By purchasing this Form and Service, you agree that everything stated in the Form is true and forthcoming. Knowingly falsifying this document is illegal and a crime.